Windows 11 Insider Preview

Windows 11 Insider preview is a Microsoft program for Microsoft Windows Fans to see what is on the Next Version of Microsoft Windows. By registering this program, users can see new features and the latest update on the brand new Microsoft Windows. This program also collecting feedback from Windows Fans about their new operating system. Feedbacks from the fans help Microsoft improve the new Windows before major releases for users around the world.

Insider How to

To join the program you must have a Microsoft account, and then register to the program by following the link. The next step is to make sure your hardware meets all of the minimum system requirements. If you have both of them, then you can start the Windows 11 Insider Preview. You can check your hardware using the official Microsoft Windows 11 compatibility test tool. If you not qualified and doesn’t get the detail where the area is, you can use third-party compatibility check tool.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Installation

When you’ve registered on the program and all system requirements meet, now you can start installing the Windows 11 Insider Preview. To start the installation go to the update and security settings from your Windows 10 Computer. On the bottom left menu find Windows Insider Program and click.

insider program

Before you start using the insider program you must turn on optional diagnostics data. If you turn off this option then you will not get preview builds when the Windows 11 major release to the public. Go to diagnostics and feedback settings then turn the optional diagnostics data on.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Option

Close the options windows and the windows insider is now ready to start. To start this program click on the Get Started button. Choose your Microsoft account you’ve been registered to Windows 11 Insider Preview program. and click the continue button. An insider settings window will appear, choose the insider settings you want to apply to your computer. There are 3 settings you can choose from. The first is Dev Channel, Beta Channel, and Release Preview Channel.

Dev Channel

Dev channel is for highly technical users. This channel will first get the latest windows 11 builds in the development cycle. But this channel also will get some roughs edges and stability.

Beta Channel

Beta Channel is the recommended option. This channel is the ideal option for early adopters. This channel is more reliable than the Dev Channel.

Release Preview Channel

Release Preview Channel is the recommended option for commercial users. Because you will get optional access to the next version of Windows 11 before it’s generally available to the world.

Pick one of the channels you want and click on the confirm button. Then you have to start the installation of the updates, go to the update and security settings. Check if the Windows 11 Insider is on the list and click on the Install Now button. Then restart option will appear, choose the restart now option if you were ready. Wait for the installation to finish and your computer will boot on the Windows 11 Insider Preview.

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