Whynotwin11 App | Unofficial Windows 11 Compatibility App

Whynotwin11 app is a Windows 11 Compatibility test tool. Hardware compatibility is the most question of Windows 10 users who want to update to the brand new Microsoft Windows 11. Microsoft was launch a compatibility test app called PC Health Check. But when this article was written, the app isn’t available because of some updates. The first version of PC Health Checks confuses some Windows Users because it doesn’t give detailed results. There is a third-party Windows 11 Compatibility test tool called Whynotwin11. Many users try this app and helped because of the detailed results.


Windows 11 Compatibility Check: Unofficial app called whynotwin11

Whynotwin11 is a Windows 11 compatibility check tool created by Robert C. Maehl. He has created this project on Github. So many Windows users try this app and found that this app gives detailed results about their hardware compatibility. While waiting for the official compatibility test tool released, why not try this app to check your hardware compatibility?

Whynotwin11 download

First of all, you have to download this app from the official Github page. You can follow this link to get the app. The whynotwin11 is an executable Windows file (.exe). The size is pretty small, about 2.3 MB. Remember that this app is not an official Microsoft Windows 11 Compatibility Test Tool. But some of the big computer websites such as bleepingcomputer, windowscentral and more have written about this app. So why not installing this app to know your Windows 11 compatibility?

Compatibility Test

To check if your hardware meets all of Windows 11 requirements, you need to test your hardware compatibility. In these tutorials, we use the whynotwin11 app to test Windows 11 compatibility. This app is a small and effective app to test your hardware compatibility. All you have to do is click the whynotwin11 file and wait for this app to analyze your hardware.

whynotwin11 process

Wait for this app to finish checking your hardware and then detailed results will appear. The results are divide into 11 rows. Each row is the Windows 11 minimum system requirements. In each row, there is 3 section of results. The first section is a colored box indicating the qualified requirements. If the color of the box is green its meaning this requirement passed. But when the color is red, its meaning the requirements are missing. You have to solve this area. If your hardware passed the test then you can install the windows 11 insider preview.

Windows 11 Most Common Requirements Problems

There are many common problems with the windows 11 compatibility tests. Some of the problems including the hardware area. The most common is processor compatibility. If this happens to your computer, there’s nothing to do but buy some brand new hardware. Some of the experts say at least the 2017 Intel processor and 2019 AMD Processor qualify the Windows 11. The other problem is in the software area such as the GPT disk and the TPM.

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