Sync Microsoft Edge Across Devices

Sync Microsoft edge across devices is a useful Windows feature for synchronizing edge browser data. The synchronization is between two or more devices that use Microsoft edge as the internet browser. As long you sign in on the Edge browser you can access your edge data. You also have the ability to turn off or on the sync. The data supported by sync includes :

  • Favorites
  • Passwords
  • Addresses
  • Form Fill
  • Collections
  • Settings
  • Open tabs
  • Browsing History
  • Extensions

sync microsoft edge across devices

The Benefits of Sync Microsoft Edge Across Devices

There are so many benefits of synchronizing edge across devices. A beneficial example is when you’re working remotely from your home. But you need the browsing history, password, extensions, open tabs on your office PC. Then synchronizing edges will access your office pc edge data and make your home devices look like your office PC. The other benefits are when you have to continue your work but you only have mobile devices on your hand. Just sync your mobile devices, then you can access your edge office data from your mobile devices.

How to Sync Microsoft Edge Across Devices

To start synchronizing browsers across devices, you have to sign in on your browser.

How to sign in on Microsoft Edge Mobile

Microsoft Edge is available on many mobile platforms such as Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS. Actually, when you install edge on your devices, on the first launch you have sign-in options. But if you haven’t logged in on your edge, you cant sync your device. Below is the step on how to sign in or switch accounts on your edge mobile:

  • Open the edge mobile app
  • on the top left click on the account icon
  • Fill in your email and password

edge mobile account

Desktop base

Below is the step on how to sign in or switch Microsoft edge account for desktop browser.

  • open Microsoft Edge browser
  • on the top-right menu click on the profile icon
  • Click on the sign-in button
  • if you already have Microsoft account on your devices, just click on your account
  • But if you want to switch your account, on the use different account then select Microsoft account
  • If you have a school or work account then choose the school or work account (Assigned by your Organization)
  • Press Continue button
  • Fill in your email and password


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