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PC Health Check is an official tool used to check the brand new Microsoft Windows 11 compatibility. If you want to use this new operating system on your old PC / Device, just use this tool to check if your PC qualifies or not. When this new operating system was released, Microsoft recommends using this app to check your device compatibility. As of now, the Microsoft Team currently update this app. This app isn’t available for download now, on the official page of Microsoft Windows 11, Microsoft will release this app soon.

official pc health check page

Old Version App

Below is the guide of the old version PC Health Check tool. We will update this guide when the new version of this app is released.

pc health check windows

PC Health Check Installation

The first step to use this app is to download this app from the official PC Health Check page by following the link. The size of the installable file is about 13,5 MB. Once the download is finished, click on the file to start the installation. Tick on the “I accept the terms in the license agreements” option and click the Install button.

Compatibility Check

After installation is finished, new windows will appear. Click on the check now button to start the compatibility test. Wait for the test to be complete, then the results message will appear. There are two kinds of results: the first one your pc qualified to run Windows 11. Another result is your pc not qualified to run this operating system. Unfortunately on the old version of this app, there is no more detailed information on which parts of the requirements are not passed. Below is the example of the “Not Qualified” results.

Some of pc health user reports that they’ve passed the check and their device is qualified for this new operating system.

PC Health Check Questions

At the first launch of this app, so many users try this app found that their pc is not qualified to run Windows 11. But there is no detailed information on which requirements which not passed. Because this app was not fully prepared to share the level of detail or accuracy so they update the app. Hope this app will back soon with more detail and accuracy about the test results.

“Windows PC health check-up tool does not elaborate the details which do not meet system requirement to be eligible for windows 11 installation on each users PC this is very sad. when could I get a details non-compatibility report so that I upgrade my PC”

a Microsoft forum user posts in the forum asking the detail of the pc health check results. The other forum user replied to the questions to use a third-party app called whynotwin11.

Third Party Compatibility Test Tool

There are so many questions about Windows 11 Compatibility Detail check. A third-party application called whynotwin11 is a popular app to check Windows 11 compatibility. If you want to try this app you can read on how to use the whynotwin11 app by following the link.

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