Check TPM Status Using tpm.msc Windows PC | Windows 11

A tpm.msc is a Windows TPM Management console that manages TPM (Trusted Platform Module) on your PC. Then the most question is, does your pc have a TPM? this question is the most Windows users who want to update their pc to a brand new Windows 11. If you have a brand new pc, it usually has a TPM chip on your motherboard. But if you have an old PC, then how to check does your pc has a TPM Chip?


tpm.msc Windows TPM Management Console

You have to read the specification of your computer to get detailed results about TPM. If you don’t have it, you can search the specification of your computer online. But if you can’t search it online, you can check your TPM using a tpm.msc. It’s a Trusted platform module management that manages your TPM Chip on your PC.

How to run tpm.msc

There are so many methods to run tpm management console. The easiest method is using the search box on your Windows PC. Just type tpm.msc on your windows search box, then press enter. The second method is to press win + R on the keyboard, and type tpm.msc and then press enter. A new window will appear, if the TPM Status is not ready, you have to enable it on your BIOS. If no TPM status, maybe your hardware doesn’t have a TPM chip.

tpm not found

The other results message is “Compatible TPM cannot be found”. If this message appears, it means 2 things. The first is your hardware doesn’t have a TPM chip. The second is your TPM is disabled on your BIOS. Try to enable it, and then check your TPM status.

Enable TPM on BIOS

Enabling TPM is depend on your motherboard manufacturer. Every manufacturer has its own TPM settings. You can read on how to enable TPM on a Gigabytes motherboard. For the other brands, you can read your computer manual book or search it on youtube.


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